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Also good to shift your ideas a bit – don’t go looking necessarily for cauliflower or beets, but for whatever is on sale.  Organic avocados have been $1.00 each at Whole Foods this week.  A box of Clemintine oranges were $3.99 at Harris Teeter.  Target sells Romaine hearts in a big pack – share with a friend.   All grocery stores have online sale postings.  Also – don’t dismiss frozen vegetables.  In many ways they are more nutritious and can have a smaller “footprint” than local.  They are picked at peak, trimmed of all waste – which is composted – frozen quickly to preserve freshness.  A shipper can fit 4 times the trimmed, cubed frozen organic butternut squash in a truck than fresh.  Just cook them for about 1/4 of the time they say on the package until you get a feel for how you like them.    You can add a handful of frozen chopped spinach to just about anything – for soups or stews, just throw it in at the end and it cooks as the dish cools.