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DC produce is really expensive and invariably poor quality. I go to Bestworld on Mt Pleasant/Lamont. Last week a punnet of strawberries at Harris Teeter was $4.99 at Bestworld $1.59 (yes, one fifty nine). Unlike a punnet from Giant, this lasted 5 days. You can walk out of Bestworld with 2 bags of produce for $16. Some say to avoid the meat, but I’ve not had a problem with their beef mince. Others say their non-fresh produce items (tins, pasta, etc) is more expensive than in other stores…? Sadly, no one supermarket has it all, so I have to combine Target, Giant and Bestworld for best buys. p.s. Don’t be put off by the fact that Bestworld looks like its defending itself against weekly attacks from heavily armed gangs (lot of shutters!)