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I would also say look into fostering before you jump right in. It’s the best way to find out how you will actually handle a puppy–and a dog in general. My bf and I adopted a purebred in December, and in his first 6 months of life he cost us more than $2,500. He just had health problems–and we didn’t forsee any of these expenses. My sister has a brother of our dogs from the same litter, and his health problems are even worse. We also know that he came from good bloodlines, and were able to meet his mom–and had health information about his parents, and both sets of grandparents. It still didn’t make a difference!
I would say try out fostering first–and then rescue a smaller dog. They are out there! Look at shelters around the east coast–there are so many different dogs that are surrendered, just because the previous owners either couldn’t keep them, or wouldn’t keep them. And, if you are set on having a puppy, you may find one that’s right for you. City Dogs Rescue is a great organization within DC
Good luck!