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Cohigirl, I have no idea where you got your information that a “breeder” dog will fit your needs.  Purebreds have many more health problems than mixes, with lots of congenital problems. (Even rescued purebreds have health issues!).  Puppy mill conditions, inbreeding, and all sorts of other problems plague purebreds. 
I completely agree with the comments about adults and fosters.  Training a puppy is a ton of work, and you have no idea what they’ll be like as adults.  And fosters are vetted, so you already know if the dog is good with kids (small dogs can nip and bite as much as big dogs), is a barker, is housebroken, etc.  Though granted my current Akita was a handful in foster care and has turned out to be a tremendously gentle and lazy dog, so sometimes you have to take a risk!  But with so many homeless dogs being killed each day, it’s unconscionable to not adopt a shelter or rescue dog.
FWIW if you’re worried about shedding, don’t be fooled by the short hair.  Those little hairs get everywhere.