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I have noticed the water lately having a stronger chemical smell and if you let it sit for a while, the taste is reminiscent of that taste you get in your mouth after a whiff of a goldfish bowl that needs cleaning.  I have also noticed there’s a strong “sewery” smell in the bathroom and kitchen now and then since late summer.  I live in a big apartment building downtown.  I called DCWater and they were about as helpful as a bowl of potpourri. “We don’t have any work going on affecting the lines in your area” was all they had to offer.  (They were much more helpful when I reached out to them in the past before they dropped the WASA name.)
It isn’t as bad as when they switch to all chlorine in the spring to flush the lines, which makes the water smell and taste like a public swimming pool and my skin gets blotches that look like chem burns after showering.  Nonetheless, it’s unpleasant.  I have a Pur on my kitchen faucet, which makes the water drinkable…but it doesn’t do anything for everywhere else you encounter plain tap water.
I wonder if there could be any connection with the Crosstown Aqueduct project that was going on up at 25th & N for months?  Maybe a lot of “old stuff” got kicked up?  Or maybe the new mains they put in are the cause of the icky taste and odors?