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Pablo, thanks for the warning on Catalog Choice.
In my (limited) experience, the best way to reduce unwanted mail is to call your telephone provider, credit card companies, and magazines and ask that they not sell/share/rent your name and address.
I was reading a blog item about Catalog Choice in the New York Times not long ago — — and there was a reader-provided link with some information that looked useful:


Reducing Unwanted (Junk) Mail
By Kevin R. Kosar

Kevin R. Kosar is a researcher and writer in Washington, DC. See for further details.

The key to decreasing unwanted mail is for a recipient to contact the senders of this mail. Why? To tell the senders that they are wasting their money—that their mail is unwanted and will not persuade the recipient to purchase their products,support their cause, etc. To this end, the following steps may be taken:

1. Sign Up for the Mail Preference Service.
This service, which was established by the Direct Marketing Association, has a “do not mail” list that enables consumers to reduce unwanted advertising mail. Direct mailers regularly check the Mail Preference Service list and purge the names on it from their own mailing lists. Unfortunately the Mail Preference Service list does not get used by all companies that send advertising mail, and even those companies that do use the list may not remove from their mailing list the names of persons with whom the companies do business. For more details, see

2. Refuse it.
You may write on the envelope of an unwanted mail piece,“Refused- return to sender” and leave it for his mail carrier to return. Depending on the type of mail piece, the U.S. Postal Service either will return it to the sender or it will dump it.

3. Let the Sender Know. 
Call or write the companies that send you unwanted mail and request to be removed from their mailing list.

4. Stop the Selling of Your Address.
Call or write companies with which you do business (e.g., magazine publishers, credit card companies, gardening supply companies, etc.) and request that your address not be shared with other companies.

5. Stop Valpack Mailings.
To stop the delivery of those light blue envelopes labeled “Valpak” that are filled with coupons and advertisements, you should contact Cox Target Media at

6. Stop ADVO and Shop-Wise Mailings.
To stop delivery of these advertisements, you can opt out of their mailing list at

7. Don’t Sign Up for Sweepstakes.
Once you do, you will find yourself getting lots and lots of advertising mail. If you want to stop these mailings, contact the senders directly.