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Hi! I got a trash violation at my house a few months ago. It was pictures of a garbage bag in my backyard. It was clearly my trash, so I just admitted guilt with the explanation that the person that took the pictures couldn’t prove the bag was there for more than the 100 seconds it took them to take the three pictures that came with our violation. Plus, it took DC three months to even get us a copy of the ticket and they were trying to charge us all these late fees, blah blah blah. They eventually responded and we got the fee knocked down from $75 to $35. So if it’s not worth it to you to deal with the hassle of going downtown in the middle of the day, just write a reasonable explanation. You can admit that the trash was in the alley, but that there is no evidence that it belonged to you. I would also emphasize a lack of any previous violations too. That should at least knock it down some.