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As3500 I agree with your tenor if I understand you correctly. I have been living in this neighborhood for 8 years and take pride in the fact the neighborhood has a very local and progressive feel. We have farmers markets, farm to table restaurants, we have local events that support independent film and art. And we live in a diverse and eclectic neighborhood. So this is the tissue of Columbia Heights. And yes, as both responses cited, the business model is that bathrooms are for patrons only and you could have purchased something. However this is where we distinguish a local restaurant and a local restaurant that is local and embodies the tone of a local establishment. Know your audience. This is where I have to agree with as3500. Pregnant women have fetus that press against their bladder. So I ask where is our charm/decorum or emotional tissue if we are a local restaurant? Weather pregnant, elderly or physically challenged, local restaurants should embody a local feel. As3500 clearly stated she patronizes the place. However I think The Heights fell short. Mind you, this should not take away from ones experience at The Heights–they have killer bloody Mary’s. Hands down the best in the hood. However I think places like Room11, Coupe, Redrocks I would prefer to patronize after long plane trip with a long layover, hard day, or a day to celebrate, bc the local feel they embody–they are intentional. “How are you ” seems real. The “I’m sorry” at The Heights fell short in its connect and authentic skin. It’s all about details.