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Victor Lanza phone 703-981-8794
He cleaned and gently polished a 160-year-old marble fireplace for me in Georgetown that had not been cleaned or attended to in more than 25 years.  He did an amazingly careful job, spent roughly 13 hours removing dirt, paint drips, plaster, dust out of the nooks and crannies of the carved features, removed many stains, and filled in cracks and broken pieces. In addition, he also flawlesslessly repaired a marble coffee table where two corners had been chipped off by movers–matched the color and pattern so exactly it’s hard to tell which corners were damaged. I think total cost was something like $800 for the table and the fireplace, which is a lot, but which I have since justified to myself because it’s basically $60/hour for the 13 hours he spent there, it was a pretty high-skill job and he left two very expensive/irreplacable marble items in perfect shape.