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#1 Is the cat eartipped? If so he is part of a feral colony 9or was at some point). Contact Humane Society’s CatNipp program, they run the TNR (trap nueter release) for the city. You need to figure out if this cat is feral, a socialized feral that can be re-homed, or a stray aka lost/dumped pet. A vet can check for a microchip, if it is possible that this is a lost pet.
#2 WARL is awesome, they can be of some help maybe with reading to see if there is a microchip (but you have to get the cat in there to thier clinic first), and for other advice. If this is a stray they’ll be looking for a foster home, and those are few and far between these days πŸ™
#3 Four Paws, also awesome
#4 Capitol Cats, another awesome group
#5 And MOST IMPORTANTLY don’t just give the cat away to someone for free. You never know what they are going to be up to, strange hoarders or worse, and also, you need to check for a microchip in case this cat is really stray/lost. My cat and the cats I rescue and re-home are all chipped πŸ™‚ if they were lost and no one checked for a chip, we would never be re-united.