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I have to agree with drk5 regarding the Sears stackables.  My Sears stackables came with the new house I purchased.  Within 4 years the washer broke down.  When the repairman came to fix it, I asked what was wrong with it.  He said “you used it too much.”  I asked him, “isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with a washing machine”!!??  He said they have a lot of plastic parts in them that break easily.   Anyway, we purchased another of the same model and with 3 years it broke down as well.  After that, we learned our lesson and purchased an LG washer.  But we kept our Sears dryer by building a shelf for it with parts of the old metal stacking unit.  The dryer is still going strong 15 years later – but will never buy another Kenmore anything.