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If you’re looking to jump on something ASAP, the DC EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) Campaign may still be seeking volunteers for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program (runs Feb-April).  Quick background in case you’re not familiar–VITA is an IRS-sponsored program that offers free tax preparation in community-based settings to low- and moderate-income filers (individuals with incomes below $35K; families with incomes below $51K).  There are two sites in Columbia Heights: Jubilee Jobs (which may already be full; that’s usually a popular one for volunteers); and CentroNIA, which I think uses exclusively Spanish-speaking volunteers.  You do NOT nned to be a CPA, have an accounting/finance backgroud, or even be much of a numbers whiz. If you don’t have experience in accounting/finance, they do ask that you have some experience with doing taxes (ie, doing your own taxes a couple of times).  I am SO not a numbers person, but I’ve done my own taxes for 10 years; last year was my first year as a VITA volunteer preparer and I was fine. The nature of the VITA program is such that none of the returns we prepare are all that complex, and the EITC Campaign provides several free trainings that you take before doing the IRS certification test (a 20-question open book test). And there are ample volunteer manuals on hand for reference.  The preparers also use TaxWise software, and there are experienced “quality reviewers” on site who double-check every tax return for accuracy.  The trainings are underway now; check out for more details.