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We just went through a similar process for a condo in DC (might have different requirements), but from the other way around. We were the tenants.
The landlord had a seller’s agent to give the seller piece of mind, but we negotiated the price down because the realtor fees would be half since we did not have a realtor. Frankly, I felt the seller’s realtor added nothing to the transaction except a blank form contract, which required many revisions. They earned an easy commission for doing almost nothing.
Keep in mind, the tenants likely will need financing and the lender will require an appraisal. You could make your agreement contingent on the appraised value being within a certain amount/percentage of the sales price, if you are worried. Of course, the lender will hire the appraiser and will not necessarily have your interests in mind. Just a thought.
The title and escrow agent’s attorneys handled the transaction professionally. I’d recommend Paragon Title, but I am not sure if they do VA transactions.
Good luck.