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Few years ago I did a lot of research into this. Basically the end result was that I would have to have a welder come and add a metal screen to my existing metal gate, then install a thumb lock.
The reason for the metal screen was obviously to stop anyone from reaching in and turning the lock.
If you have a metal gate right up against your door a welder will come in and install a push bar opener – like you see on some commercial places. I’ve never seen it done but the welder I spoke with said that was what he would normally recommend.
Unfortunately for us, we have a small (5’x5′) space between our gate and the doors. That means no push bar option for us. The screen/thumb latch was the only way.
Still haven’t done it (shitty welder never came back to do the work, plus tried to charge me $500) but that is what I think the ultimate solution ends up being.
Good luck!