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Thanks, Mukumishi for raising this. As a patient waiter in the traffic line you mentioned, I find the late zoomers as annoying as anyone else. That said, I’ve long suspected that making the line longer isn’t the answer. I’ve always wondered (with lots of time to sit there thinking) if process engineering would suggest that both lanes should actually be *full* (and thus, shorter…); in that situation, people would respectfully (ha!) take turns merging at the top. Encouraging the line to get longer, earlier and earlier, just feeds the likelihood of zoomers and the frustrations of waiters. So maybe we actually need a critical mass of *responsible* drivers who start filling the left lane without trying to cut in dangerously. (Ultimately, this should discourage the people in the right lane from, somewhat understandably, tailgating to prevent zoomers from cutting in, which presently increases dangerous cut-ins, etc. — a self-inflicted do-loop….) Maybe some Park Service exploration could address this and NPS signage could help communicate “rules of the road” (if anyone from their shop, or an interested ANC commissioner or someone, is reading…?)? Thanks again for providing a forum where I could post my years of random musings while quasi-patiently waiting in line!! 🙂