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I’ve been renting out a vacation apt. in my home in Columbia Heights full time for 6 years.  Yes, there is demand for Inauguration – but realistically think 250-300 per night for a place that sleeps 2 in a good location.  I don’t about houses with 3-4 bedrooms – you could base it on $300/room for 2 per night, but you would still need a group. 
 I’m offering mine at a set price – up to 4 people for 4 nights and asking for offers – in the ballpark of $1000.00 total.  I’ve had 27 inquiries so far – but many people are only looking for 2 nights.
It is possible to rent safely through Craigslist – but it is difficult because there are so many scammers. is a hot mess – with 1549 listings and no way to effectively sort them unless you know the neighborhoods.
If people are interested, I wouldn’t mind having a little meet-up and telling you what I’ve learned.  Tomorrow afternoon would be my only good time, or one evening next week maybe.  If I actually meet you and know you’re legit, I can “pass along” inquiries that I receive.  Meanwhile, search CL & Airbnb and see what’s out there.  Here’s what I posted on CL