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Lucky! I lived there for four years and still go back all of the time. I second Hayes Valley and the Mission, particularly the western parts near Dolores Park. The Mission isn’t sketchy (with the exception of around 16th and Mission) but it is pretty dirty and smells like pee, the western section slightly less so. Duboce Park (between the Lower Haight and the Church Street/Castro area) is really nice, and close to a lot of fun areas and transportation options. There are a bunch of cool new businesses going in on Divisadero Street, just west of Alamo Square. While you wouldn’t want to live on Divis (it’s a busy street), the neighborhood is getting better quickly. I lived in the Inner Richmond, it’s a bit quieter (and foggier) but it’s next to one of the (real) Chinatowns in the city. The Marina and Cow Hollow are beautiful, but I wouldn’t recommend living there if you are looking for a place similar to your current neighborhoods, unless you enjoy hanging out in Clarendon. 
Also, if you’re moving there in the summer, believe people who tell you that it’s incredibly cold in the summertime. I regularly wear winter coats in SF in July and August.