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The Ace on P St used to take all batteries, but now they only take rechargable batteries. Since regular alkaline batteries don’t contain mercury anymore, you can dispose of them in the trash. It still makes me feel strange when I do it, but I haven’t been able to find a reliable place in DC to recycle them. Here’s some info from the Duracell site (take with a grain of salt)…
“Alkaline batteries can be safely disposed of with normal household waste. Never dispose of batteries in fire because they could explode.
Due to concerns about mercury in the municipal solid waste stream, we have voluntarily eliminated all of the added mercury from our alkaline batteries since 1993, while maintaining the performance you demand. Our alkaline batteries are composed primarily of common metals—steel, zinc, and manganese—and do not pose a health or environmental risk during normal use or disposal.
It is important not to dispose of large amounts of alkaline batteries in a group. Used batteries are often not completely “dead.” Grouping used batteries together can bring these “live” batteries into contact with one another, creating safety risks.
Proven cost-effective and environmentally safe recycling processes are not yet universally available for alkaline batteries. Some communities offer recycling or collection of alkaline batteries—contact your local government for disposal practices in your area.”