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I have a FANTASTIC Agent to recommend:  When I bought my house in Shaw/Logan Circle I used Andrew Adler with Sotheby’s and he was fantastic; he grew up in DC and has lived here for 35-something years so he knows every inch of the city.  Over the several months that I was looking, Andy must have taken me to 50 open houses (many on the very first day they were listed or before anyone even knew they were available), he was amazing with putting together offers and making sure I wasn’t overpaying (especially when I was in love with a house and wanted to go way too high), he even put me in touch with a great lender who was able to close in 14-days…Bank of America told me 60+ at the time!  I have referred friends and several clients to Andy and he has made me look very good.  There’s not enought good things to say about the experience and I will definitely use him when we look to move.  His contact info is below, or feel free to contact me for additional information, good luck in your search!
Grant Myers
Andrew Adler
Direct Dial: 202-230.0032