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We were new to the DC area and after working one agent for a few weeks we cam to find her & her partner agent to be every unethical. So, we terminated that relationship and started searching for a new agent. Our selling agent in our prior state did some searching within the Re/Max network ans matched us with a great agent. She works independently and has been in the business and lived in DC for 40+ years. Our first meeting was over lunch and turned into a 2+ hour meeting. Which was very informative, she answered all our questions and some we didn’t think of too! She gave us a great deal of information about the city in general as well. She has a very strong working knowledge of the contracts and legal ‘stuff’ with different types of home buying. (Of course after the meeting we thought of a number of questions we forgot to ask. So, I wrote her a very long email. She wrote back answering every question in great detail. She wrote back responding to each question in great detail.)
As you can tell we decided to work with her and she took us out over a couple different weekends. (All full of snow & ice I might add!) She followed up with the other agents with any questions we had about any home we saw on-line or in person.
We also liked that a every realtor we saw at a open house seemed to know her. And she also seemed to already have a working relationship the listing agents on the different homes we inquired about. She was great at seeing pros & cons of each house pointing out some things we might have missed with each home showing.
I don’t know it if was lucky timing &/or the process of working with her but we found a home within a month of working with her! We are under contract to close next month. She has been on top of everything with the negotiations, inspection and communications with the seller. She is always fast to respond to our many questions & ‘follow ups’! Which is really saying a lot! (We are the read every line, ask & research until we understand people.)

Really wish we would have found her from the start! I left her contact information below.

Linda Hughes,
email: [email protected]
Phone: (202) 339-8087

RE/MAX Allegiance – Georgetown Location
1720 Wisconsin Avenue
Washington DC 20007
Office: (202) 338-8900
Toll Free: (877) 398-8900
Fax: (202) 333-1468
Email: [email protected]