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I’m all for it. I have 2 cars here and have no issues with parking (I have a driveway, but sounds like you can get parking easily so no worries), traffic, people judging me, etc. There is no safety inspection anymore; only emissions and you’d need to get a parking permit if you’re in a zoned area. You’re looking at about $300/year for all that. Just don’t spend too much on the car if you don’t want to. Buy used…something you love or something reliable (probably Japanese) and acquaint yourself with a good mechanic just in case. I use the guys at my local gas station so I can walk there (at N.Capital and New Hampshire, NW) and there is a 24 hour tire place near the intersection of Florida and NY Ave. I also highly recommend buying an annual AAA membership. It’s about $120/year (your insurance might offer a similar roadside assistance program-well worth it either way, as you will never have to worry about locating a tow truck and at least with AAA I can vouch for the awesomeness of the people they subcontract to). Just make sure you are conscientious of the bike lanes and don’t sweat it when people ding you while parallel’s the city and it happens! Also, if you don’t know how to parallel park, get someone to give you a lesson in a parking lot. I drive every day even though I live 1 block from the bus stop and 6 blocks from Metro. Happy Driving!