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OK, I just searched back through my emails.  I applied for the LSL replacement program with DC Water in November 2010 and they approved my request in December 2010.  I began coordinating with DC Water’s contractor (Corinthian Construction) in December 2010.  They were ready to do the work as soon as the permits issued.
Long story short, the permits weren’t issued until June 2011 (over 6 months later).  According to the folks I spoke with at DC Water, DC Department of Transportation was refusing to grant the necessary public space occupancy permits to allow the contractor to do the work.  According to DC Water there were dozens of other DC residents in the same position as me — DDOT was apparently refusing to grant any permits to DC Water for lead service line replacements, despite the fact that DC Water was ready and willing to move forward.  The folks at DC Water agreed the situation was ridiculous, but insisted that there was nothing they could do to help.
In the end, I emailed by ANC commissioner (who never responded) and pushed hard on DC Water’s office of public affairs.  DC Water’s office of public affairs finally contacted the right people and made it happen.
I actually asked PoPville about the whole process right when I was starting, here