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I believe there was a problem tenant who caused a lot of the roach problems.  She seemed pretty kooky and like a huge hassle for the management.  She probably had a bit of a hoarding situation and other mental issues if I had to guess.  She was on the second floor 20th st hallway.  My neighbor and I thought we saw a bug highway/exodus near her door while she was moving out, in fact.
I haven’t seen any roaches since the last spray, so here’s hoping we don’t have to do that anymore.
kac is right about the frequent water shutoffs.  I have been meaning to ask the management what is up with that and why it is done so frequently, kind of curious at this point.  They do often turn it back on hours before the flyers state, at least.
Florida ave can be really loud due both to the window a/c units and 100 year old walls…also those hop-on off tour buses can be disconcerting on the second floor since they are about eye level with you (and you will grow tired of the story of the attempted reagan assassination wafting in the window…)