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Thanks to both of you for the great insights!!  @tallula I’m happy to hear that you’ve had a good experience with the management company.  Sometimes that makes all the difference!
@kac I’lm also glad that you’ve had a good experience!  It resassures me that negative online comments aren’t always what they appear.  It may be a unit-by-unit situation with the roaches.  I will definitely ask about the location, floor, proximity to trash room, and infestation history for the specific unit I’m looking at. 
Another question for you: what are the winters and summers like? I’m wondering how well the units heat/cool with the current furnace/AC setup.  I know that older building tend to be less efficient in these areas.
Also, how do you like living in that area?  When I visited, it seemed to be very lively and fun.  THANK YOU AGAIN!