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The window AC unit keeps my apartment surprisingly cool in the summer.  This is where it’s especially nice that utilities are included, since those things can send your electric bill sky high!  I hate being hot, and have had no problems with the AC in my apartment keeping it cool enough.  I supplement with some fans, though – the AC unit is in the main room, so the kitchen and bathroom can get kind of hot when I’m cooking, or post-shower.  I’m assuming that the one and two-bedroom apartments have AC units in the living room and bedroom(s) – I just have a studio.  The building is heated by radiators, so they are very warm but the heat can be uneven depending on where the radiators are located in your apartment.  My tiny, windowless bathroom has a floor to ceiling hot water pipe, so it gets extremely toasty in the winter; on the other hand, my kitchen has two outside walls and a wee little radiator, so it can be chilly.  Again, since I don’t mind the cold, that doesn’t really bother me.  I do have an electric blanket for my bed, since it’s also up against an outside wall on the opposite side of the room from the radiator, but I haven’t needed to use it that often. 
I love the neighborhood, and it was one of the main reasons I chose the apartment.  It’s a short walk to the metro and several bus stops (the 42 and the 90 buses are the ones I take most frequently, and there are tons of others nearby too), there are restaurants and bars everywhere (Adams Morgan and U St. are really close), and there are plenty of Zipcars in the immediate area.  Not sure about your car situation – I sold mine when I moved to Dupont from Virginia, and haven’t really missed it.