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I apologize that my answer is borderline unresponsive but, as for courthouse weddings, my wife and I had one last June.  We were married at the DC courthouse with a small group of family/friends and a photographer, then immediately walked three blocks to the National Gallery sculpture garden, where we met a larger group of friends and exchanged vows that we wrote for one another, did a photo shoot and had a couple of rounds of drinks at the cafe.  We then walked a couple blocks to the restaurant Central, where we crashed the bar with about 20 people when it opened at 5pm (because called in advance and realized we couldn’t afford the $2,500 minimum for a party our size).  We all had seats, ate and drank great food, and spent about $800.  It was awesome!  The locations are particularly sentimental to us because we had our first date at the sculpture garden, followed by dinner at Central, a few years ago.  But my larger point is, think outside the courthouse even when doing a courthouse wedding.  Even if you can’t find a courthouse with a spectacular ceremony room (DC’s certainly isn’t spectacular), you might be able to find a location nearby to continue the festivities.  Congrats and have fun!