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In addition to the thorough recap by Joe Martin (copied below), I would like to add a few other notes and comments from Tuesday’s Community Meeting.

1) Captain Kevin Anderson from MPD updated us all on the current status of a couple recent gun-related events …
a) Halloween shootings in the Georgia & Decatur area – to date MPD has not arrested anyone and the case still remains open.
b) Shots fired outside Roosevelt High (Iowa & Georgia) – the individual responsible for firing the gun has been detained.  The individual is not a Roosevelt High student, although 3 of the 4 intended targets are current students.
2) Principal Mitchell (Roosevelt) spoke about the above mentioned shooting event, modernization project at Roosevelt, and the overall need to bring the larger Petworth community together with the school and students.
3)  The group discussed the abundance of illegal signs being continually posted.  Mr. Broome from DPW was in attendance and one action item noted by Councilmember Bowser was to work with DPW to combat illegal signage.

There were a number of valuable points raised and useful ideas suggested during the meeting, but what it certainly lacked was a list of action items for everyone to go home with.  Despite this, I do think progress on these issues requires starting some place, and this meeting served as a starting point.  In the New Year I hope that many of the individuals at the meeting and others can work together to find ways to strengthen the Petworth Community.

Jeff Standish

Copied from J. Martin’s post on yahoo listserv:

Hi, Monica (Commissioner Green):

Residents of Buchanan Street NW off of Georgia, Jeff Standish and his wife, asked for the meeting after a spate of violence weeks back.

Jeff and others expressed specific concerns about public safety, gang tagging and littering issues along and near Georgia Avenue NW from the Petworth Metro north. 

In attendance were residents who live right near Decatur and Delafield and Georgia at the meeting. There were about 20 residents overall including parents with small children in attendance. I also spotted Mr. Abercombie, a senior from the 200 block of Varnum Street NW.  From ANC 4C, Commissioners Rob Mandle (SMD 4C10) and Timothy Jones (SMD 4C08) participated. I gathered that residents came from both sides of Georgia Avenue in a multiple block radius from the Petworth Library, the location of the meeting.  Petworth neighborhood activist Vann-Di Galloway also participated.

Councilmember Bowser and MPD-4D PSA 404-403 Captain Kevin Anderson led the meeting. The principal of Roosevelt High School also spoke and asked for more community involvement with the school. (I apologize for forgetting his name.)

Tom Anderson of the 5000 block of 5th and of provided a re-cap on some aspects on his and Adam Mazmanian’s (5th at Crittenden) new blog focusing on Petworth and nearby. 

Candidates Max Skolnik and Renee Bowser also attended. 

The meeting lasted for a solid hour-and-a-half.  

I can’t say how I first knew about the meeting but I have been aware that this meeting has been in the works for weeks. Jeff Standish contacted me about crime/public safety issues sometime ago. Someone mentioned that the Prince of Petworth website had information about the meeting last week. I was reminded of the meeting by public postings on the Petworth Yahoo Group by both Jeff Standish and Muriel Bowser.

Joseph Martin