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Sorry. Not going to sign this. Please consider the following before you decide to sign or not. The guy (Bruce) may very well be guilty, but that’s why we have a legal system.  Innocent until proven guilty seems pretty reasonable even in this instance.  A few thoughts for context:
 – He may have been coerced into participation through threats, protection, whatever.
 – He may not even be involved.  Perhaps the other guys were in the store and stashed their crack when the cops busted the place.
 – If he is guilty, he’s going to jail and certainly won’t be selling anything out of his store anymore. What’s the point of taking away the beer/wine/tobacco license and diminishing the possibility of a legitimate owner taking over the same functions?
 I am very concerned about crime/drugs/safety in our neighborhood. If the guy is found guilty, I fully support sending a strong message and putting him away for a long time. I appreciate efforts to clean up the neighborhood and welcome the changes we’ve seen since moving in (closure of two prostitution rings at 14th and Parkwood, fewer drunks on the end of the block, greater police presence, just to name a few) but in this instance my sense is that the outrage (towards the drug dealers and those potentially involved) is being misdirected to the detriment of our legal system.