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I don’t have data to show it, but everything I’ve heard from realtors and the landscape architect who did my yard renovation was that parking is better for resale value. I’m in a similar situation where I didn’t use my concrete parking pad, so as part of a larger outdoor renovation, I replaced the concrete with permeable pavers (DC will actually give you a $1200 credit to do this through the RiverSmart Homes program). It looks more like a patio, but can be used as parking. I also put a 1 foot border garden around the edges of the parking pad and filled it with plants. I use it as a patio area, with a firepit and seating, but those things can be easily moved to accommodate parking if I need it, and it also counts as parking for resale value! I have a rolling steel garage door which provides privacy (although apparently those can be expensive – mine was there when I moved in) but my neighbors have done a cool bamboo fencing privacy guard that’s also easy to move aside when they want to park. I definitely think there’s options to keep your space a parking spot, but make use of it otherwise!