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–  Find routes that have bike lanes or aren’t busy.  If you have to ride on a busy road take up the full lane if you need to.  It’s your right and it’s much safer than having cars squeeze by you.
– Ride a car’s door length away from parked cars at all times.
– Be chill.  That’s my motto.  If you gain 30 seconds getting to your destination by risking your life, is it worth it? 
– Know when to go slow.  When there are a lot of people around, when you’re splitting a lane (riding between rows of stationary cars at a red light) or it’s just hectic, go slow so that if something happens, you can react/you won’t get hurt badly. 
– Be visible by wearing brightly colored clothes, using reflective tape and plenty of lights.   
– Be courteous. 
– Be confident.  You can do this.  I promise!
As others said, WABA is a fantastic resource.