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Make sure to stop at all stop signs and red lights, and learn the proper bike hand signals for left turn, right turn, and stop (don’t just point in the direction you’re going like some people do). This keeps you safe and makes you predictable so that motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians know what you’re doing. Stopping at red lights and using signals also means you are representing cyclists well as a group–I think people like to see safe, responsible cyclists out there. Always wear that helmet, even for short trips (I had to get a piece of windshield stuck in my head before I learned that lesson). And if you ever feel unsafe because of traffic or a crazy intersection, just pull over and walk it. And this should go without saying, but don’t bike with headphones on or while talking on a phone. I guess in short, just ride a bike the same way you would drive a car.
Be safe, and we’ll see you out on the streets!