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I’ve recently been looking in that area myself as I can’t really afford to stay near U St any more if i want to leave my current Apt. I contacted this development about their 1-br units just the other day and they seem kind of pricy (1bed/1bath = 562 sq. ft. going for $1750) for the size and the fact this neighborhood is still rough around the edges (i still like it and wish I could buy here) When the Griffin was opening right near there I was quoted for a 1-BR for $100 more than the Quin and the unit was about 100 sq’ larger and brand new construction. I would assume that the Quin is no longer rent controlled so that isn’t a consideration.

If you don’t have to have an in-unit W/D and don’t mind an older development I would check out some of the developments on 16th. Many of those are still under some level of rent control. In fact, I toured a unit yesterday that was almost 1,000 sq’ for the price they are charging for the Quin. The downfall was the kitchen sucked. That and someone else beat me to the application.

I guess that is one other words of advice, if you see a place you like, don’t wait. There will likely be others chomping at the bit. If you see a place that’s been sitting on the market for a while it likely means there’s something wrong with the unit, the building, management, or it is just priced incorrectly. In DC nothing stays on the market (coming from someone that has been crowded out at open houses where the people put down an application when they haven’t even seen the whole apartment or asked questions.

Best of luck, and please don’t steal the apartment I’m looking for. Luckily, there have been a lot more deals lately given the time of year and the number of new projects opening up.