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One bit of advice I have is to confirm that it is, indeed, your wall that the ivy is growing up.  Typically, between row houses, there is a “party wall” owned half by each of the homeowners that share it.  This party wall extends to rear portions of row houses, where only one owner has structure.  For example, a party wall forms one side of the rear room on my row house, with one side of the party wall forming the inside of the room on my house and the other side exposed to my neighbor’s yard, where the neighbor has a walkway/stairs into his basement.  I assumed that this wall was “my wall” because it forms a room on my house that isn’t attached (adjacently) to my neighbor’s house, but I learned through a survey that it’s a shared party wall.  So, before you proceed with addressing the perceived problem, you might confirm that it’s not a party wall.  Good luck!