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A few thoughts on this:
Personally as a young woman myself, I would stay away from North Capitol and O St. Anywhere on North Capitol between M St and Florida is unpleasant, frankly. The traffic, noise, pollution and debris from North Capitol are pretty rough in their own right. Expect to hear nearly constant sirens, honking, and buses. I lived on No Capitol and W for a few years and it was brutal.

I would absolutely not walk home from the NoMa metro to North Capitol and O St at night – I now live 2 blocks from NoMa station myself and narrowly escaped being mugged about a month ago by running as fast as I could into the Wendy’s on New York Ave.

Unfortunately, Tyler House and the areas around New York Ave and Truxton Circle park are absolutely a liability for a woman traveling alone. If you read crime alerts for those areas you will be quickly discouraged – crime ranges from petty crime to shootings and stabbings. Others can speak to this better than I, but in the years I’ve lived in DC there has probably been at least one violent crime a week in that 5 block stretch.

Other areas of NoMa are great – you still need to be aware at night of course – but I truly do recommend you stay away from that intersection unless it’s literally the world’s greatest apartment. I live in Eckington (just a few blocks away) and I love it – just get a little ways from the major streets like FL, NY, and No Capitol and the situation improves dramatically!

Hope this is helpful (and not too horribly discouraging)!