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I’ve lived on the Unit Block of O St NW closer to First St for nearly three years (woman, early 30s). I feel very safe walking home from Mt Vernon Ave in the evenings. If I come home by way of NY Ave metro after dark, I don’t walk the most direct route to O St but swing over to Florida and P Sts NE because the Unit Block of N NE and the intersection of North Capitol and NY Ave right there are both pretty unappealing after dark. If I’m coming home from either direction anywhere after 9:30 or 10:00 at night, I just take a cab. It’s a very central location and a very reasonable cab rate from most places in the city. When I take my dog out right before bed, I go to First St.

That block has changed a lot in the last three years, and it will change a lot more in the next several years. There’s a big difference between the First St end of the block and the North Cap end. I think that’s because the North Cap end has been empty for years. The new condos and new House of Lebanon apartments on that end are going to make a big difference there just by decreasing the number of vacant buildings.

Overall, I agree with albany above. If you’re used to the city and savvy about it, it’s a good place, convenient to a lot of things.

Editing my note to add a couple things:
First, do take into account the noise factor of living on North Capitol. It’s a very busy road, and no matter what the relative safety of the neighborhood, that’s a detractor.

Second, I’m surprised no one has mentioned it yet, but be aware of the soup kitchen at 71 O St and other social services from SOME on the block. That increases the foot traffic in the area in the mornings and at lunch time, and not always in the most pleasant way. It’s worth checking out at all times of day, not just after dark, before making that decision.

Neither of these are really the safety issues you asked about, but they are definitely quality of life concerns.