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Hey there, my name is Brad Clements and I’m a neighbor as well as a business owner. I live on Q St near N. Cap and I just saw your post. Well, guess what: I own a music lesson service business and would be happy to help connect you with one of our teachers! To learn more about my biz click the link to my page. The funny thing is that I almost always inerview my teachers at Big Bear but I hardly have any students in the immediate area so it would be very cool to have your child as my first truly local student. Almost all of our 300+ students are in upper NW and Montgomery County. I would be thrilled to connect with more familes in our neck of the woods. Hope to hear from you! If you do decide to contact me through my web page (contact form) please mention that you heard from me here. Thanks and see you around the neighborhood! Regards, Brad C.