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Like the previous poster, my husband and I bought a house on the Hill this past year after living in the U Street neighborhood and we couldn’t be happier.  Our house is between Stanton Park and Lincoln park, with H Street about five blocks to the north and Eastern Market about 6 blocks to the south.  Also like the previous poster, it is much quieter than we’re used to but we actually love that-we can even hear crickets when we walk the dog!  And despite the quieter hood, we’re still able to walk to H St., Eastern Market, Barracks Row, and all the bars, restaurants, and shops along Mass Ave and Pennsylvania.  Getting a taxi around Lincoln park can be a challenge but we’ve become huge fans of Uber.  The Hill has a great sense of community, is family oriented, and super dog-friendly.  We love our new neighborhood (near Lincoln Park) and highly recommend it but I don’t think you can go wrong anywhere on the Hill.  Good luck in your home search!!!