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My girlfriend and I bought in Capitol Hill 2 years ago, but we saw hundreds of houses all over the Hill before finally settling on one. We ended up in what I think is the absolute best part of Capitol Hill (right next to Eastern Market) but of course we had to pay more and trade off some space for the privilege. My girlfriend and realtor are both kind of snobby and didn’t want to see anything east of 15th Street, but I don’t think that area is truly any worse in terms of crime and you do get more house for the money. I’d look at some houses in that area to get a feel for whether you and your fiance feel comfortable there. The neighborhoods around Lincoln and Stanton Parks are wonderful if you don’t mind a quieter area with a longer walk to the metro. If you’re looking for a good investment you might be able to find something up near H Street, although I don’t think that housing stock is quite the deal it used to be. The southernmost part of the Hill, near M Street, might be a good place to buy too; it’s only a matter of time before Barracks Row south of the freeway gets fleshed out with more restaurants and retail. The western part of the Hill, say from 1st-6th Street, is ridiculously expensive and is not worth it in my opinion. The only area I might avoid is right around Potomac Ave because there are some housing projects and abandoned buildings there and it feels sketchy at night. But really you can’t go wrong with any part of Capitol Hill.