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Monkeydaddy no problem. It took me a long time to get DCRA to respond (predictably they won’t recommend contractors / don’t keep a list or anything). It’s looking like I need to kill a day of my life getting my DL switched over and visiting DCRA. If you could share who you’re working with I’d appreciate that.

As for height, all I can get depending on cost is my goal.

Odcstudio good point – hadn’t though about the stairs once the floor is lower!

I have found a contractor who is willing to do the whole thing, but the first estimate has come in for a low 6 figures – ouch. I see a local house getting a digout, but it’s by an investor and walking up and asking what company was there…nobody knew.

I knew bidding would be a pain; I had no idea knowing what to ask, who to ask, and begging people to come offer to take my money was so difficult! I wish I was just doing roof-floor-bathroom-kitchen stuff like a normal person…