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That whole damn intersection is a sh**hole unfortunately, and it was well before you moved in. I live diagonally across the intersection from you. We used to have the same problem until the bank on the corner put metal bars on the window sills preventing people from sitting on them. That basically drove everyone away because there wasn’t a place to sit down anymore. Amazing how it cleaned up the area. Now I notice everywhere that has a place for someone to sit, a bunch of bums will just congregate around that spot. Bench in front of the CVS, bums. Benches all around the metro, bums. Benches at 14th and Kenyon in front of The Heights, bums.

I’ve seen the same drug/alcohol use that you have when going to Potbelly’s and Five Guys, it’s horrendous. Police are everywhere, but won’t do a damn thing to stop it. Maybe we just have to blast their phones and twitter with complaints until something is done?