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This is helpful to any renters in DC:
As uvaeer said, you not only get the 90 days after sale, but you (probably – true for house; condo = ?) get right of first refusal to match any offer. So you could buy the place. But you could also use it to drag out procedings by being a stickler. You get time to decide whether to match an offer. So your total “time to being kicked out” is greater than 3 months, not even considering the contract.
IANAL, but your lease seems cut and dried based on what you quoted. You can live there until end of lease. If they break that, you have grounds for legal action. Presumably, if the new owner wants you out, they’d begin notification procedures in advance, so as to get you out / not renew the lease.
On the illegal thing … it is leverage, but if they’re treating you fairly, and honor the year lease, why screw them over?
Finally, I doubt your lease says anything about keeping it “showing ready”. Probably some stuff on basic cleanliness, but there’s a big difference between that and a staged apartment. I’d just live a tiny bit tidier than normally (depending on “normal!” :). Within reason, it’s not your problem if that impact the sale. If the owner wants you to do more, that’s an inconvenience to you and an independent negotiation. And it’s not your job to show the apartment, either. Their agent will do that, subject to DC’s tenant notification laws and / or your contract. You may want to be there while it shows, but it’s not your job to do the work.
Bottom line – you’ll be somewhat inconvenienced, and have to find a new place, but you have a lot of protections too.