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Don’t you know? Washington is a very strange city for shopping and dining (although better now, it’s still pretty lame) – especially considering that it’s the capital.
Patty Boom Boom has excellent meat pies ( U St @ 13th). But I’m pretty sure they’re not open all the time and are closed on Mondays or Mon & Tues – definitely closed on Monday.
Also excellent – Teddy’s Roti Shop Georgia Ave @ Geranium. 
Yeah, yeah, yeah – you’re in Dupont. Well perhaps 20 years ago a Caribbean meat pie shop could have afforded the rent in Dupont but those days are long over. Now it’s all corporate same same same which has totally ruined Dupont imho.
And anyway, PBB is what 1 mile away? Teddy’s is 4.5 miles. I can bike it in 25 minutes. Or take the train to Takoma (25 mins from Dupont) and then it’s a 10 min walk to Teddy’s or catch a bus from the station to Georgia Ave. 
Sadly, this is DC and for most things you will have to travel for what you want. Often to Virginia or Maryland for ethnic better than what’s available in DC. In other cities you would rarely have to travel to the suburbs for good food/ shopping. But this isn’t NY or Philly or San Francisco or Los Angeles or Chicago and never will be no matter how hard it tries.