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It is best to think of pet insurance as catastrophe insurance.  Most pet insurance companies do not cover routine health visits.  Having said that, once your dog is in urgent need of care, you will really want that insurance (unless you want to pay $1500 for the doggie MRI, which I can say from personal experience is less fun than you think – and that was for a puppy who hurt himself jumping).  One thing you will want to consider is what measures you would realistically take to preserve the life and well being of your dog.  I don’t say that to sound mean, but pet owners vary in how far they will go to treat their pet, with some pursuing all options and others opting sooner to euthanize the animal.  If you are more the former, insurance might be a good idea for you.  Another thing to keep in mind is that most pet insurance companies will not cover preexisting conditions.  If you wait to get coverage and your dog develops a chronic condition, you will not then be able to get insurance coverage for that treatment.  As for me, I have two dogs, and have insurance through Pet Plan for both.  I like the coverage that company offers, and also like that you can adjust your premium based on the amount of coverage, percentage of coverage, and deductible you pick.