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It’s really important to understand the realities of these energy savings measures and how they need to be installed to be effective.  Simply blowing insulation in the attic may save you some energy, but without airsealing the attic first, you are wasting a lot of opportunity and money.  Heat flows via air movement much more than through conduction, so you can put all of the insulation that you want in the attic, but if there are still areas with air leakage, you will not achieve nearly the energy savings of comfort improvements that you should.  I work for a large agency that specializes in buidling science and home energy issues and we spend a lot of time trying to educate folks on the realities of achieveing good energy savings with the work that done.  You may well spend that 600.00 to have some insulation blown in your attic, but without proper airsealing and good installaiton of the insulation, you won’t get the savings that you need.  I would really counsel you to work with a company that is certified with one of the energy efficiency specialist certifications (BPI, RESNET).  It may end up costing you a bit more in your installation costs, but you will save money every month for the rest of the time you own that house and that extra upfront cost will quickly be made back in savings.  A quick search found these guys: .  Certainly not the only ones in the area, a search on the or will let you find others.  I would be happy to answer any questions.