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I would say that you should take a really good hard look at your life before adopting a dog. Are you a couch potato? And you want to stay that way? Are you active? How much time are you willing to put in to excercising and training the dog? We adopted a puppy a few months back, I grew up with dogs so I knew what to expect. Our dog is a very High energy Redbone Coonhound, she goes to the dog park 2X a day for an hour each, goes for 3-4 hour hikes every weekend, and goes for jogs a couple times a month. If we skip her excercise she becomes destructive. I know most dogs at shelters are mixed, but if you can get any sort of an idea of what the dog is and look at those breed profiles about energy needs and temperment it would be a good help to you. Best advice is to know what you want out of the dog and try to get the dog with a compatible energy level. Good Luck!