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I’ve rented my entire adult life and never cared about either an in-unit washer/dryer or a dishwasher.  Of course, this might be due in part to the fact that these things have typically been out of my price range.  An in-unit washer/dryer is certainly a nice luxury, and it might be hard for a renter who’s used to that to go back to a rental without one, but in my opinion, it’s totally not a dealbreaker. Like others have said, I’d take the extra closet space.  Of course, this is presuming that there’s a communal laundry room in the building AND that the laundry room has an ample amount of washers and dryers that generally operate smoothly.  A laundry-card system helps, too. (Maybe most buildings do this now, but my last rental was an older building whose machines still operated on quarters.)
If I were to buy, I would probably want my “forever” (or at least “for a long time”) home to have an in-unit w/d, but as a tenant I figure communal laundry pretty much comes with the territory.