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It was never a deal-breaker for me when I was renting (I’d actually prefer more closet space to an in-unit W&D) but it was nice to have. It’s like having a dishwasher. Plenty of renters are willing to live without one, but they’d expect the rent to be slightly lower than the rent for an identical unit that did have one. I suppose the trick is figuring out how much the in-unit W&D is worth to the average renter– I’m guessing it would be no more than 5% of the monthly rent. You should be paying less for the property if it doesn’t have an in-unit W&D anyway, so not having it might not hurt you at all. Just run the numbers and see which scenario has the highest payoff. Of course, having a communal laundry room on the same level of the unit is more desirable than having one in the basement, but again, I don’t think you’d have trouble attracting tenants if the price is appropriate.