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OP here. Thanks for all the suggestions on how to fill the room. I fully acknowledge that this situation isn’t so bad. I will most likely find someone with decent credit who my roommates are fine with and who my landlord approves of. But I still feel like I shouldn’t have to. And I’m frustrated that my LL has created a situation where he maintains all the power and has placed all the liability on to us. I am a cautious person. I read the lease and thought I understood the terms and I understood I was making a (6 month and then a) month to month commitment.

I’m uncomfortable that I’m forced to assume all the risk when I have the least control over the situation. One of the reasons I’m leaving is that we split the rent based on room size (and unofficially, based on who has been here the longest). I think I’m being over charged for my room. But my roommates get to set the terms on what the rent will be for this room. They could further skew it if they wanted. They also have no incentive to make themselves available for interviews or open houses, because at the end of the day, I’m liable if a replacement isn’t found. They aren’t malicious, but they are busy, we all travel a lot, and we aren’t great at coordinating. My landlord isn’t very helpful, does the bare minimum required, and has pretty strict requirements for credit. I have no say in his decision to approve or not, and he has a lot of leeway to set terms that are stringent but still “reasonable.”

The problem with this is that my landlord has basically created a situation where he advertises a month-to-month But it isn’t. Maybe he can terminate within a month, but anyone of us can’t – we could truly be stuck indefinitely. Even if you could sort it out in small claims court eventually, that is a huge burden and a great risk to credit and cost of time. He moves the risk of vacancy to us, the tenants. It seems, based on how tenant-friendly DC is suppose to be, this couldn’t be a legal lease.

I’ll definitely call the tenants advocates and investigate. I’m hopeful that this situation will work out for me, but it doesn’t seem fair.