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Thank you all. Perry- that is horrible. Pure money grubbing beyond reason and common sense. D.C., why you gotta be so mean? We’re trying to love you, but you’re such a dick sometimes. 
My current situation is at least my fault (for not doing it myself). Now that my registration is coming up for renewal…I’m seriously considering getting rid of my car. I have a weekly reminder on my phone to move it for sweeping, but there will always be a time or two it gets missed and a $130 ticket enranges me so very much, that I’m not sure it’s worth it. The car does see more use in the winter, but there are weeks in the summer when the only time I start it is to move it for street sweeping. I bought and paid off the car before we bought the house, and I used it often. Now, I use public transport for work and I have a scooter (which gets chained up in my back yard). And a POS non-working motorcycle. Perhaps eliminating the car from my life will motivate me to fix that. <– anyone who has ever owned a car and a broken motorcycle has uttered this phrase at least once. It never works that way.
As JZDC mentioned above, “the hearing examiner said that due to offenders seemingly acting like $30 was just an annoying mosquito bite – easily paid and forgotten – rather than a rabid dog bite – leaving a good long scar as a reminder – that they would be enforcing the convienence tow and $100 ticket more often.” This makes sense to me. Perhaps because JZ speaks my language.  
I went online to DMV this morning to crunch some numbers (and to make sure I didn’t have any surprise tickets) and what do you know? I DO! They ticketed me for parking on wrong side during street sweeping. They ticketed me for the $100 tow. And, apparently, they also ticketed me for parking on the wrong side of the street again after they towed me. No. Dukes are up.