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Oh, Text…I’m not contesting whether or not they had the right to do it, or the clarity of the sign itself, but thanks just the same.  Even if it didn’t say “tow away zone” on the sign (which it clearly does), the car could still be towed because DC can tow for any and all parking violations.  Declaring that the street is a “tow away zone” has nothing to do with the frequency in which it *actually* occurs. Victoria has confirmed that yes, it does happen & often, on major roads…which leads me to believe this isn’t all that weird.  Having never had this happen to myself or neighborhood friends, I wasn’t sure towing for street sweeping wasn’t just an idle threat.   It’s not a major street, has no rush-hour restrictions, it’s not a bus route, the street is wide…but this has me thinking I should reevaluate the importance of my street.  My first reaction when I discovered the car was missing wasn’t “OMG it’s been stolen” but “F@C#-it’s been towed”… I’m not as much surprised that parking enforcement exercised their right to do it as I am annoyed and/or butthurt that they had lead me astray with a false sense of security through multiple $30 tickets of shame through the years…and whose fault is that? Mine, of course.  I’ve lived in DC for about 10 years total (current location about 3 years), so I’m pretty familiar with jacked-up ticketing, courtesy towing, and all the other joys of DC parking & driving.
Let me illustrate my query another way: Say my friend has a pet named Bitey…the name is even written out on his collar in pyramid studs. Upon my first introduction to Bitey, my friend warns me that Bitey occasionally bites.  10 years goes by…and though Bitey has crapped in my shoes or humped my leg on many occasions, he has never bitten or nipped at me once in all that time. Then, one day (on a Tuesday between the hours of 9-11:30am and sometime after the second week in March but before the last week in October) I visit Bitey and he tries to tear off my face.  WTF Bitey? WTF?  Since there’s no bacon in my pocket that day and I’m not wearing delicious hamburger cologne…I ask my friend “has Bitey been doing this more often lately?”. Depending on my friend’s response, I may decide that it was a flukey once-in-a-decade attempted mauling…or I may decide that I’ll take care to avoid Bitey at all costs, even if it means missing my  friend’s birthday party.  
You’ve lived next to Bitey for the past few years and have observed his behavior over several years.  What would you tell me about him (aside from reminding me of the obvious facts that his name is Bitey and he’s a domesticated Mongoose?)